Thursday, October 27, 2011

35 Weeks

Hard to believe it's my 35th week, but at the same time this last 5 weeks is going to drag by EXTREMELY slowly ha.

Here it is... 35 week belly
IMG_6848 35 week 4x6
No fatty front view this time. ha.

Yesterday was my 35 week check up. I was supposed to have the test for Group B Strep, but my Dr. changed his mind and decided that would be next week. I was ok with that. BELIEVE ME, I am not fond of these last few appointments.

Weight: 167 lbs. I have gained 32 lbs so far. Triple UGH... mainly because I still have 5 weeks to go and wouldn't put it past myself to pack on another 10 lbs.

My appointment was short and sweet. Nothing major to relay except that I asked my Dr. if he thought this baby was bigger than my other two. He didn't say "maybe"... he didn't say "I don't know"... without hesitation, he said yes. ha ha ha. Nice. How much bigger remains to be seen... however, I am blaming this all on Dave. I was a 6 pounder when I was born so it's not my fault ha. My other two were a few ounces shy of 8 lbs. If this one is going to be in the 9-10 lb range, CUT ME OPEN... ha ha ha. I kid... no, but SERIOUSLY! ha. I really am kidding though. I would rather push out a big baby than have a c-section. Not too fond of the idea of being sliced open.

I am having TONS of contractions!  Mostly Braxton Hicks, but with Brendan I didn't experience these until 36 weeks.  So to have been contracting basically since week 32, it's been crazy.  Sometimes they get to where they feel crampy like real contractions but they aren't time-able and they aren't close enough together to cause any concern.  What will be highly irritating is to have things go like Brendan did... which is having all these contractions, but NOTHING to show for it by way of effacement and dilation.  I am hoping next week I will get the news that these contractions aren't in vain and that they are actually doing something worth while besides making me uncomfortable ha.

Some things to share. I have been getting some of the main baby items in. I set up the play yard. It's super cute. It is one with a bassinet... do they even make these things without bassinets anymore? It also has a changing station which I think is AWESOME!

I got my electric breast pump. I got the Phillips Avent Twin Electric Pump. On my way to become a full fledged dairy cow. HA! I have always felt like that with nursing. Some moms can focus on the cuddly, lovey, mommy/baby bonding of it, but me, I just feel like a dairy cow.

We still need to install the car seat. I got a 3 in one, so I am hoping it fits. We don't have long to figure this out...

Anyway. Looking forward to Monday. HALLOWEEN! woo hoo. Still have no clue what I will dress the kids up as or where I will take them trick or treating, but it's always a fun time.

Also looking forward to Tuesday. Why? Well. Because I am not getting any smaller and I have NO CLUE for sure when Avery will decide to make her appearance, I am setting my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween. :) I am excited.

Well. That's it, that's all. Happy Thursday and Happy Weekend!

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