Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Harry Potter (said in a British accent really fast)

Don't you crazy heads worry, I'm not a spoiler.  I will tell you, in a careful way my feelings though. Yesterday, from 9:30am on Thursday until 2:30am on Friday, was waiting in line and talking and laughing and waiting and laughing and finally getting to see the FINAL installment of Harry Potter.
my feet did end up swelling a little bit but not too bad.  I'm not going to lie... being 20 weeks preggo and sitting on concrete or lobby floors wasn't the most comfortable of situations, but Harry Potter is worth it.
crowd photo taken by my hubs.
Ignore my looks.  Being in the heat from 9:30am until 5:30pm does NOTHING for my looks obviously, but I had to get some pics with Tiff and Dave.  I have ONE pic of Leez and my bro, and since I don't think Liz or Anthony would really like the picture being posted I will refrain, but they were there and I was very glad.  Tiffany took the above two pics btw, with her handy dandy iPhone. :)  THANKS TIFFANY!  I may have her guest blog someday.  She's awesome.

Like I said.  I am not a spoiler... and I will not give away any specific details of the movie... but just in case I do spoil something for you... you can skip over this paragraph.  To sum up my feelings about it: the parts I loved... I LOVED.  The parts I hated were really sucky.  So there.  I will tell you that Snape is my most favorite character of the books and for you amazing book readers out there... while movies shorten and take away... I adored seeing Chapter 32 & 33 come to life even in a condensed way.  I BAWLED like a baby.  LIKE A FREAKING BABY! ha.  Alan Rickman is amazing and he REALLY nails his role in this last installment.  That being said, I did NOT love this movie (EDIT: wanted to clarify that I didn't hate it either... email me if you want to know more).  It was fantastic and it was great and I don't expect movies to "get it right"... but as a reader of the books there are some things that I found pivotal to the WHOLE STORY, that either got messed up or left out... so go see it and make your own decision.

Harry Potter has been such a fantastic world for me to escape in.  I am so heartbroken that there are no more movies or books to look forward to.  When I bought the last book at Walmart, at 12am in the morning in 2007, I was excited and so very sad to know that my favorite story of all time was coming to a conclusion.  I took comfort in the fact that there were still a few movies to come out... I think at the time Order of the Phoenix was about to be released.  Now, with this last movie... it's the end of a wonderfully magical era.  I'm so glad that I can revisit the books as often as I like and that if I need a quick fix, there the movies are... but this is a very bitter sweet time for Harry Potter fans.

To all of you who may have not read the books, or who maybe won't read the books for religious reasons.  I have to tell you, you are missing out.  For the religious ones who are worried about the books being evil... these books are not evil.  These books contain amazing stories of love, strength, the bond of friendship, the triumph of good over evil.  These books are good to the core.  They show the importance of love and loving, persevering, and overcoming.  Good moral lessons, and a brilliant writer at her best.  Parents, at least read the first 3 or 4 books and... don't be afraid to let your children read these books.  To the people who have only watched the movies... READ THESE BOOKS.

To all my fellow Harry Potter fans. HIGH FIVE! and YAY for being a fan of one of the most AWESOME AMAZING FANTASTIC MAGICAL stories to ever be written.


  1. SO excited. i have to wait until Monday, but so ridiculously excited.

  2. I have to share this post... Amy, you're amazing! I can't wait till after work so I can go see this brilliance!

  3. It was really neat to read about your nostalgia for the books. It would have been neat to have been a fan during that time when they were still coming out. My parents were, unfortunately, those parents. I'm glad that has been remedied though! And now I want to finish the series more quickly than ever!

  4. Awww I loved this post! You are so hardcore! I just turned up at 11pm ready for midnight, had to work :( boo!

    I loved the 'Snape bit' I think they did such a wonderful job. I sobbed at that bit. Well, I sobbed through most of the film tbh! Seeing it again in a few days - I can't wait! xxx

  5. personally, i loved it. i also cried. it started for me (the tears) when Minerva and Snape were fighting and then it was basically all down hill from there. Snape is my favorite too and that was so hard to watch!! but i applaud them all, i thought they did a magnificent job and i feel satisfied with the film. i still have such an easy feeling though knowing that it is over. :(

  6. OMG! You are my hero. 20 weeks preggo and waiting in line that long. Wow. You are right though, so fun and so worth it! I am so sad that I won't be seeing this flick until next weekend, but I am still going to be over the top excited. I thought the Goblet of Fire movie had the missing pivotal piece feel too. Actually more than one piece. That, obviously is my least favorite movie. Love the books though. I have read them over and over and I know I will do it again. I only own two of them, if you can believe it. I will so be looking forward to the part you were talking about and upon your review will bring lots of tissues. Snape is not my favorite, but during the part I'm assuming you are talking about he totally wins me over. Thanks for sharing Amy! Hope you have recovered today. Oh, and how fun are those glasses!

  7. This is the first HP movie in a while that I havent been able to go to the premier of. Made me a little sad.

    That being said, my expectations are never as high as they are when a new book came out. I still am looking forward to the movie though!

    Love the glasses, they are awesome by the way!

  8. I have never read the books, and until recently hadn't ever seen any of the movies, I know. Fail. But I really liked the movies (can't wait to see the new one) and now I am inclined to read the books, finally. Better late than never?

  9. I love the Harry Potter series and everything about it. I'm so peeved (hee hee! Peeves!) that I'm not blogging at the moment with photos because I would have shared my recipes for treacle tart and butterbeer with the world!

  10. I am SO SAD it is all over!! I still haven't seen the last movie. Im having a hard time bringing myself to see it. I grew up with this!! I read the first two books in grade school, it is crazy!! EEK.


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