Thursday, July 28, 2011

22 Weeks

I tried to do some self portraits with my big dog camera, but I failed so you get phone camera pictures again and probably till the end of the pregnancy.  ha.  I don't have a tripod (lost it at a wedding a while back) so I just couldn't get the camera at a good angle.  It was frustrating.

Here I am at 22 weeks.  Not much change from last week.

I am feeling tons of movements and they are getting stronger each week.  I have had tons of energy!  This I am excited about.  I have a clean organized house and it has been that way for almost a week now.  Those with kids understand that keeping a clean house can be quite a feat.  I have a system going now to keep up with my laundry and dishes and I just repeat this system like clock work and this all results in a happy Amy.

Cravings are getting less specific.  I really want juice, specifically orange juice... anything sweet, like fruit and pastries.  I don't give into my cravings all the time.  Last night I had a moment of weakness. My stomach was hurting so bad from what seemed like hunger pains.  We don't have much in the house right now because our week is up and we are supposed to go grocery shopping tonight... so I LITERALLY scrounged.  I ended up eating a slice of medium cheddar cheese, about 6 bread and butter pickle slices, I lucked out and found a Hershey's bar on top of the fridge but it was warm so I got a spoon and ate a couple bites with crunchy peanut butter... then I drank some water and went to bed.  How's that for a midnight snack? ha ha ha.

My pubic bone is feeling worse.  I have what is called Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction.  I am not letting it stop me from my walks though.  I take them everyday.  It doesn't hurt while I walk as bad as it hurts once I start relaxing.  Turning over in bed is KILLER!  Not complaining, I'm just stating what I am experiencing this pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but I would be lying if I said it was all ultrasounds and baby movements.  Your body is in constant preparation for evacuating the baby.  This preparation can be painful... but the end result is beautiful.  Pain is temporary. :)

Yesterday's walk was tough, though.  Not because of my SPD but because I am SEVERELY bugaphobic.  I mean.  I DESPISE beetles, cicadas, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, bees, and the like... I can force myself to function in spite, but when there are dragonflies out in plague proportions, that's when I can't bust through that mental wall.  I literally get goosebumps, and start hyperventilating.  I walked about a mile before it got to me too bad.  At least I walked though. 

I think that's about all for this week's update.  I don't think I left anything out.  My next appointment is mid August.  CAN YOU BELIEVE JULY IS ALMOST OVER???

Also wanted to add this... My pregnant belly progression... so far.


  1. Wow, that sounds intense! Sorry about the bug phobia...I'd totally be your hero in that situation. =) I love reading your preggo posts! July has FLOWN's crazy!

  2. You look so cute! Im not a fan of bugs either, specifically things that fly with wings. ewwww. I love your midnight snack, awesome. I've resorted to zoodles when we missed grocery day.

  3. I don't know if you guys have them up there, but at my parents house they have these horrible crickets. They are HUGE and scare the bits out of me!!

    I would eat something like that and I am not even preggers...ha ha

  4. Cute pic Amy! It's so interesting to learn all these things you are going through! I haven't heard of most of them. And don't worry it's not freaking me out. Just kind of cool, because I like to learn this stuff now before we think about having kiddos ourselves.
    I'm with you on the bug phobia! Omygoodness. I can't hardly handle it. You better believe that Steven is going to kill that spider before I will be able to go to sleep! LOL!

  5. Love the pic and the progression. So cute! :) I don't like creepy bugs or the ones that sting but butterflies and dragonflies don't bother me. I'm so proud of you though! I know that must have been hard to overcome. It's really cool looking at your pics. It's like you get happier and happier each week!

  6. I am loving the pictures. It is amazing to see the pictures week after week and seeing that baby bump grow. Pregnancy is amazing but it does have it's ups and downs. I honestly think pregnancy should be experienced at least once because only women get to know what it is like carrying another life inside of them. Not saying everyone should get pregnant but the ones that do want to experience pregnancy will get to experience something unique and indescribable.

  7. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Helena Bonham Carter??
    Because you do.
    You could be twins! HOW COOL IS THAT. she's like, a rockstar! I love her.
    I also love pregnancy updates. So kudos to you for being double cool!!

  8. I love all of your posts. I've read them, but haven't commented. I feel so bad about not commenting. So I decided to brave it from my phone.

    You're so pretty and I love all of the shots! I think it's awesome that you are able to keep up with your walks!

    Ps. I miss you.
    Pps. Sorry I've been so absent. But I do read all of your posts!


  9. awwww, I LOVE bugs! well, not daddy longlegs or mosquitos. they do not deserve to exist! but bees, dragonflies, butterflies......they are the best! One of my life goals is to keep bees!

    your midnight snack sounds amazing! I've not had a midnight snack in so long. I feel one coming on :)

    loving your bump updates :) x

  10. Amy, it has been fun to read your weekly updates and I appreciate your honesty! I really want orange juice now after reading this hahaha. Also I like seeing all the weeks in a row! its funny you sorta look more popped out in week 21 then 22! Hope your week is great!

  11. Amy, you are so stinkin' cute. I love how you keep it real with the food stories. I feel like women never admit to the things they eat! Why is that?
    I probably would eat a melted Hershey bar with a spoon, peanut butter, pickles without being pregnant!
    Btw, I highly recommend blueberry eggo waffles without the syrup. Very satisfying.

  12. Eep, congrats on being at 22 weeks. hehe! Oh god sorry about the SPD, that must suck. :( Also, I love seeing the progression collage, so cool. :D

    OH and DUDE, Haley is so right about you looking like HBC because you seriously do. Only I think you're prettier. :3

  13. Aw, I love seeing the bump progress! It's amazing when you stop and think about it. And, no, I can't believe July is nearly over either. Where on earth is 2011 disappearing to so fast!? People are even starting to mention Christmas to me and that scares the crap outta me, haha.


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